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La mEthode est ludique et captivante – une superbe experience que je recommande à tous

Nous avons réellement apprécié les ateliers auxquels notre fille a participé. La méthode est ludique et captivante. Il y a une véritable diversité dans les activités proposées (chants, livres, danses, …). Très bonne qualité d’animation. Anglais excellent. Une superbe expérience que je recommande à tous!
Sonia, Maman de Mathilde, 2 ans 1/2.

Ma fille apprend en s’amusant – que demander de plus à une enfant?

Je suis heureuse pour vous que vous ayez ouvert de nouveaux ateliers en province. Ma fille Pia qui est venue en cours l’année dernière. Elle adorait pourtant elle n’ avait qu’1 an, ne parlait pas mais je voyais que cela portait ses fruits car lorsque je lui disais quelque chose en anglais elle le faisait ou me répondait à sa manière. C’était des ateliers extrêmement ludiques qui incorporaient des mini ateliers ce qui faisait que l’enfant n’avait pas le temps de s’ennuyer. Ma fille apprenait en s’amusant, que demander de plus à une enfant? Cela devrait toujours être aussi ludique et interactif.
Constance, maman de Pia, 2 ans.

Mon fils est très receptif à ces moments ludiques dans la langue de shakespeare

Je suis la maman de Yanis qui participe aux ateliers d’anglais depuis ses « 1 an », donc depuis bientôt un an! Malheureusement ayant repris une activité professionnelle depuis la rentrée de septembre 2015 je n’accompagne plus mon fils!!! c’est la nounou qui le garde qui s’en charge! Elle me fait un excellent retour sur les activités que leur propose Miss Nikki, et sur le fait que Yanis est très receptif à ces moments ludiques dans la langue de Shakespeare!!! J’étais très « fière », lorsque sa nounou m’a rapporté que Yanis avait prononcé son premier mot en anglais « monkey » ! Et qu’il prenait lui même plaisir à le dire et le redire! Le seul petit point négatif que je pourrais souligner est le coût de cette activité… Mais cela ne m’empêchera pas de continuer à l’inscrire à ces petits rendez vous avec Nikki et ses petits camarades!
Ah oui! et y a t’il d’autres créneaux pour sa tranche ? autre jour ?
En souhaitant que votre association rencontre autant de succés dans les nouvelles villes où vous l’implantez !

cela donne l’occasion à l’enfant de pouvoir veritablement s’exprimer oralement et physiquement

Sarah reste enchantée de ses ateliers collectifs. Très ludique en petit groupe de 5 à 6 enfants ce qui est fort apprécié et donne l’occasion à l’enfant de pouvoir veritablement s’exprimer oralement et physiquement. Ces activitées ont permis à Sarah d’écouter, de répondre et de partager ses émotions tout en laissant place aux autres enfants. Ca reste une formidable experience.
Une maman fidèle,

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shutterstock_118790896-759x1024I had friends that already worked for babylangues so i knew it was reliable and good

I would recommend Babylangues to my friends if they want to work alongside studying or something similar as it’s English teaching made easy with the lesson plans being provided and all the materials. Plus if there’s ever a problem the staff are always really quick to reply to emails and are helpful.
I’ve gained a strong relationship with a French family that I think will last forever. I loved going to watch [name of little girl] at her ballet recital at the end of the school year with her parents.
I’m studying French in Paris for 3 years. The family I work for through Babylangues helped to show me their favourite restaurants etc, therefore contributing in a way. I did also learn more about the school system in France.
Babylangues was really suitable for my timetable in Paris as a student, fitting around my hours. It was also a great way to create a bond with a family here, especially as I arrived in Paris on my own to stay for three years with the rest of my family in England. I also had lots of experience already with children so it seemed appropriate.
It was a really simple and easy procedure to apply and was a quick process. Plus I had friends that already worked for Babylangues so I knew it was reliable and good.
I’m not sure what I expected but Paris isn’t quite as glamorous as everyone thinks, with the complications of admin etc. But it is still an amazing city and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the Parisians in general.
I wasn’t really looking to experience French culture through Babylangues as I get this through university and simply living in Paris. Grace, Babylangues Instructor, July 6, 2015.

If you want to make a difference in a child’s life and have have fun doing it, i highly recommend joining the babylangues team

Working with Babylangues has been a great experience so far.  I’ve been working with one family with two children, ages 4 and 6.  Seeing the kids every day has been a good way to build a relationship, and we have fun playing games and reading books together.  The oldest child is already basically fluent in English, and she’s learning how to read at school, so we often read books together.  She reads simple stories for me, and I’ll read more complicated stories to her.  Her younger brother listens, although he can’t read himself yet.  Being able to borrow books from the Babylangues library is a great asset!  The kids have their own stories, of course, but bringing in new ones piques their curiosity.  The training seminar provided a lot of useful information and variations on different educational games to play, as well as refreshing our memory in terms of songs!  My experiences with the Babylangues staff as well have been very positive so far.  If you want to make a difference in a child’s life and have fun doing it, I highly recommend joining the Babylangues team.
Abigail, Babylangues instructor. Paris.

I would happily recommend babylangues to anyone seeking english teachers for their children

Since working with BabyLangues I’ve reinforced what I believed my true passion to be, teaching.
I currently teach children ranging from for 4 years old to 14 years old and the experiences vary greatly. BabyLangues provides me with the necessary training, toys, book and games to use with the children, that makes the learning experience fun and entertaining. With the aid of my own personal iPad, I grab the children’s attention through interactivity and modern technology, I’ve found this to be especially important for younger children who’s attention span can tend to be very short. What I’ve also discovered, is how much I’ve forgot about being a child. For example, I currently teach a 6 year old boy and a 4 year old girl. The boy is very attentive and will openly read aloud English phrases with confidence however the girl is very quiet and reserved, both of the children participate in activities however because the girl doesn’t verbally respond, I get the feeling that she doesn’t understand what’s being taught. What i’ve found to be amazing though, is that when I test them both, the girl, who’s 2 years younger than her brother, often reaches a very similar score to her brother, this isn’t simply copying as she takes her time to think about the question before answering. This is important to acknowledge, as every child has different styles of learning and interacting and so through BabyLangues I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge which will prove invaluable for the future. With older students, they’re obviously more mature and have been in the school system for a few years, I personally prefer teaching older children as it allows you to be a real English teacher and teach the core rules and fundamentals of the language. Yet, by being able to cover such a broad age range, you quickly adapt to the levels your students require. It’s a very nice balance. In fact, I enjoy my work so much that I am happy to personally buy exercise books to aid in their learning.
Using my previous teaching experience to youth cadets in the military, I’ve built upon the experience I already have and plan to continue doing so by taking a one month course to becoming a qualified ESOL teacher. This and my experience with BabyLangues will be invaluable for my plans to eventually teach English in Tokyo.
In terms of BabyLangues as an agency, they’re very supportive. The admin team is quick to respond to any questions or problems and assist their instructors in every way possible. We have online calendars and there has never once been a problem with communication.
Overall, I would happily recommend BabyLangues to anybody seeking English teachers for their children. »
David. Babylangues instructor in Paris