Expatriates and visitors

Occasional babysitting and/or tutoring

You are visiting France and would love to enjoy a night out in the city without your children. We will find the right English-speaking babysitter for you!

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Are you planning a trip to France as a family for the first, second or even sixteenth time and want to make the very most of your stay? Do you have a list of fifteen or so museums to get through in the space of just two days, but your little ones’ legs get tired too quickly? Do you want to enjoy a romantic evening for two? Do you want to offer your children a range of activities that they are guaranteed to enjoy? Why not get in touch with a company whose expertise in working with children has been acknowledged and commented in the press?

Since 2008, Babylangues has been offering French families in eighteen different cities the opportunity to work, typically during the after-school period, with Instructors who help to encourage language exchange and discussion. With Babylangues, you can rest assured that you are leaving your children with someone who is both qualified and trained and who will speak the same language as your child(ren). Babylangues Instructors come from all corners of the world and language will never be an obstacle.


Before starting work with their French families for the entire year, our Instructors go through a recruitment process, during which their experiences with children as well as their personal qualities are assessed and evaluated.

All our Instructors receive training, during which they are provided with teaching materials to entertain the children, as well as safety rules to make sure the children are always safe and carefully looked after.

Why not introduce your children to the French language?

  •  The Babylangues bonus: Babylangues Instructors will have the opportunity to introduce your children to the French language with our teaching method, if you so desire.
  • Themed outings can be arranged and organised. Your children will therefore have the possibility to embark on their own journey and make some unforgettable memories! Available in English or in French.

Babylangues at a glance

Babylangues – France’s leading specialist in early language acquisition – provides families with English-speaking babysitters and tutors in 16 cities in France.

Childcare and tutoring available in various languages : English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Russian, to name a few.

ANGLAIS60The story of Babylangues

Founded in Bordeaux in 2008 by Caroline Benoit-Levy, linguist and specialist in early language acquisition, Babylangues became the first company in France to offer language learning to infants and toddlers through parent-baby workshops.
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Babylangues’s philosophy

Babylangues strives to offer the most conducive setting to learn a foreign language, one based on initiation, practising the language just like one would one’s mother tongue. This is achieved through a calm and serene environment, in which all aspects of the language can be developed, casting off the realm of academia and business and instead offering a daily, oral practice at the heart of the family home, giving rise to joy, emotion and laughter.
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available in 18 cities in FRANCE